Aye Yar River View Hotel

The Aye Yar Hotel is undergoing a makeover that will create an Aye Yar Riverview Resort offering a rejuvenated experience for our guests.

From a newely upgraded lobby echoing an old Bagan atmosphere, to revived guestrooms and landscaping, it is a refresh of the entire resort-redefining resort experience in Bagan.

To improve and maintain market appeal, The Aye Yar Riverview will be reflagged and rebranded the physical transformation.

Rebranding would be an important step in the process of tying the resort more closely to the destination–Ayeyarwaddy river and old Bagan.

It was completed in the last quarter 2008, the resort makeover and expension will have the intended result of Aye Yar Riverview reposition as an upscale resort with the distinctive atmosphere of old Bagan and the riverside charm.

History of Hotel
Build on one of old Bagan’s Ayeyarwaddy prime riverside locations. The Aye Yar Riverview Resort started operated as a guesthouse of the Burma Airways Corporation in 1958. The Hotel is now under going a make over to turn it into a resort of international appeal.