Strand Hotel

The Strand is a luxury hotel in Yangon and presents stylish accommodation in colonial style architecture. ‘The finest hostelry East of Suez’ wrote early 20th century travellers about this 1901-built three story luxury hotel in Yangon, and is considered one of Southeast Asia’s grand colonial hotels and still one of its most awe inspiring.

Once patronized exclusively by ‘royalty, nobility and distinguished personages’ according to Murray’s Handbook for Travellers in India, Burma and Ceylon, 1911, today this luxury hotel in Yangon, in the heart of downtown Yangon confers a sense of its rich history to all who pass through its colonnaded exterior and enter the marble floor lobby, following in the footsteps of past guests, Somerset Maugham, George Orwell, Sir Noel Coward and Rudyard Kipling among them.