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Monywa is in the dry, central region of Myanmar, in the part of the country that the Myanmar people call ‘ah nyar’, or upper Myanmar.
Gracing a bank of the Chindwin River, Monywa is about 136 kilometres west of Mandalay. It is a beautiful ah nyar town with a rich culture and history. A feature of Monywa and the surrounding area are some old pagodas, such as Moenyin Thanbokedae, Bawditahtaung (which means “1000 banyan trees”) and the magnificent Alaungtaw Kuthapha Sacred Site.
Monywa has many shady trees, and it also enjoys refreshing breezes. The town is calm and laid-back and the locals are friendly and warm.
The small Chinatown and its market sell local goods as well as some textiles imported from India. After sunset, the typical night market offers Myanmar snacks and sweets.
For a genuine Myanmar culinary experience, Myanmar restaurants in downtown are recommended. For dessert, try a traditional Myanmar pickled-tea salad mixed with ginger, washed down with green tea.