Hill Top Villa Resort Hotel (Kalaw)

Hill Top Villa Hotel, the winner of ASEAN Green Hotel Standard Award for 2008-2009 was opened since 2002, July on top of a hill, covering 14 acres of land.

Hill Top Villa Hotel is situated on the top of the best hill station in Myanmar, Kalaw at the altitude of 1320 meter above sea level, peaceful cool and quite Location.

Hill Top Villa Hotel is for the traveler who love to enjoy a peaceful and quite place. Hotel is built on the different elevations of the hill station. People can enjoy the bird’s eye view of the town and panoramic view of pine trees and Shan plateau from our Hotel. You can enjoy not only the beautiful sunset but also the sunrise at our open terrace. You will surprise and never forget the unforgettable hill scenery at our Hotel and also the beautiful flower garden of our Hotel.